• Back pain a problem?

    Traditional Medical Care

    Let us help Maintain your health.

  • Back pain a problem?

    Integrative Medical Care

    Achieve Optimal Health and Healing

  • Back pain a problem?

    Lifestyle Counseling

    Create Healthly Lifestyle behaviors

  • Back pain a problem?

    Chronic Condition Groups

    Create Effective Collaborative relationships

  • Back pain a problem?

    Nutritional Advice

    Physician led Nutritional Advice

  • Back pain a problem?

    Educative Activities

    Learn how to maintain your heatlh.

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The Healing Space- Family and Integrative Medicine is a new medical practice for family medicine and integrative care, focusing on the individual as whole taking in to account body, mind and spirit. We provide allopathic medical Tcare, lifestyle counseling and guide patients in integrative approaches when appropriate. Our main goal to motivate patients to improve their health and move towards living a healthier and enjoyable life.

Diabetic Class


Come join us for a diabetic class presented by Dr. Ana Arroyave. Refereshment will be provided. RSVP now as space is limited. If you have any questions call, 915-249-4676. Diabetic Class (English) Hours..

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